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There are hundreds of computer science articles published every day together with some code, data and models! While it is great to see so many advances, it is also becoming extremely difficult and time consuming to reproduce and compare experimental results from such articles (output, execution time, consumed energy, accuracy, costs and other metrics) across very diverse and continuously evolving software and hardware! Furthermore, researchers often use ad-hoc scripts, workflows and data formats making it very challenging to reuse research artifacts from published articles.

With the great help of our supporters and volunteers we perform the following activities: This community project is in a very early stage and there is still a lot to be done. We welcome your participation and feedback to submit your papers and reusable components, and to improve the open-source CK technology! Please feel free to register at this website to be informed about the latest developments! You can then request new features here. You are also very welcome to participate in this standardization effort via our Slack channel and this public mailing list.