module:env - software environments (to abstract multiple tools and their versions)
Repo name: ck-env
How to get: ck pull repo:ck-env
  • ck resolve env - resolve all dependencies for a given software [API]
  • ck set env - prepare and set environment for a given software
  • ck get_all_versions_in_deps env - get all versions from deps (recursively) [API]
  • ck show env - show all installed software environments [API]
  • ck xset env - set env for command line (pre-set various flags) [API]
  • ck refresh env - refresh environment setup (re-setup related software version) [API]
  • ck cat env - show the shell script for setting up this env [API]
  • ck rmtmp env - remove tmp entries (when installation to env entry failed) [API]
  • ck virtual env - pre-load environment for the shell [API]
  • ck prune_search_list env - prune search list by no_tags [API]
  • ck remove env - delete env entry [API]
  • ck clean env - remote env entry and installed package [API]
  • ck rm env - delete env entries [API]
  • ck deps_summary env - extracting summary of all deps [API]
  • ck delete env - delete env entry [API]
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