module:experiment - universal experiment entries
Repo name: ck-analytics
How to get: ck pull repo:ck-analytics
  • ck prepare_html_selector experiment - prepare HTML selector [API]
  • ck replay experiment - replay experiment == the same as reproduce [API]
  • ck multi_stat_analysis experiment - perform statistical analysis (with multiple points at the same time) [API]
  • ck convert_table_to_csv experiment - Convert experiment table to CSV [API]
  • ck get_unique_keys_from_list experiment - get unique keys from list of experiments [API]
  • ck delete_points experiment - delete multiple points from multiple entries [API]
  • ck reproduce experiment - reproduce/replay/rerun a given experiment [API]
  • ck log experiment - log experiments [API]
  • ck browse experiment - open browser and view experiment details [API]
  • ck load_point experiment - load all info about a given point (and subpoint) [API]
  • ck stat_analysis experiment - process multiple experimental results and perform statistial analysis (including expected values) [API]
  • ck add experiment - process and add experiment [API]
  • ck list_points experiment - list all points in a given entry [API]
  • ck get_log_path experiment - get log path [API]
  • ck get experiment - get points from multiple entries [API]
  • ck prepare_selector experiment - prepare first level of experiments with pruning [API]
  • ck crowdsource experiment - crowdsource experiments [API]
  • ck sort_table experiment - sort table, substitute index with a sequence (html) [API]
  • ck load_pipeline experiment - load pipeline info (id and dictionary contents) [API]
  • ck get_and_cache_results experiment - get and cache experimental results [API]
  • ck html_viewer experiment - view experiment as html [API]
  • ck get_all_meta experiment - get all meta information from all entries [API]
  • ck filter experiment - filter / pre-process data [API]
  • ck rerun experiment - rerun experiment == the same as reproduce [API]
  • ck substitute_x_with_loop experiment - substitute x axis in table with a sequence [API]
  • ck pack experiment - pack experiments [API]
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